Handle Pole Limiter for Kawasaki 440 / 550

Handle Pole Limiter for Kawasaki 440 / 550

Made to Order. Production Time: 2-3 Weeks
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Handle Pole Limiter for Kawasaki 440 / 550 by GPO Jet Ski

What is a Handle Pole Limiter kit?

This handle pole limiter kit for a 440 / 550 attaches an outer support to your pole and an anchoring bracket to your jetski’s nose piece. This creates a strong link between them when your pole is nearing its maximum extension.

How does it work?

This setup comes into its own when you’re at your limit or in rough conditions.
When you are on the edge of your pole’s range, it will pick up tension and prevent your pole from over extending. No more ripping the mounts off your bracket! By stopping the pole form hitting its limits and reducing forward motion, it prevents damage to both you and your ski.

Another benefit of this kit is that it will protect the lower part of your pole when you want to stand it up out of the way - where your hood strap latch slots in to the pole bracket (crown).

When you are working on your ski and have the hood off, after your pole has been held up again and again this area can become weak and damage the fiberglass where the pole comes into contact with the latch. This kit wraps around that point giving it extra rigidity and strength.

This 440 / 550 Handle Pole Limiter Kit includes:

  1. Stainless outer support
  2. Aluminum interior king pin brace
  3. All mounting hardware including:
    • 14-8-32x1” Stainless Truss Head Machine Screws
    • 4-8-32x1/2” Stainless Truss Head Machine Screws


 Make  Model  Year(s)
 Kawasaki  JS 300  1986-1988
 Kawasaki  JS 440  1977-1992
 Kawasaki  JS 550  1982-1989
 Kawasaki  550SX  1990-1995


*Note: Please ensure you select finish and color from the color chart.


Installation Notes:

Small modifications may be required to your Kawasaki 440 or 550 handle pole, due to variances in manufacturing. GPO has made every effort to simplify the fit and make it as true and easy to install as possible.

The Ultimate Pole Brace Setup:

Want the best setup for your 440 / 550 JS SX? Then combine this elite Handle Pole Limiter Kit with a GPO Hull Brace for the 'Ultimate Pole Brace Setup' giving you the edge to hit those rough conditions with confidence and style.