Graphic Seal-Pen

Graphic Seal-Pen

Production time: 4-6 weeks
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Graphic Seal-Pen by IPD Graphics

Here’s a fast, simple answer to protecting your edges on your IPD Graphics Kit, and keeping the points from lifting. This Seal-Pen offers edge protection from washing, polishing, and excessive physical contact. Each Seal-Pen is filled with ONE SHOT brand 4005 UV blocker acrylic clear, for fast drying in about 15 minutes, offers a long lasting seal, and each pen will seal approximately 5-8 graphic kits. When the time comes to remove your graphics, simply clean the surface with mineral spirits to remove any remaining sealer. This Seal-Pen is compatible with all vinyl’s, thermal, and digital prints. Simply follow the instructions that are included for a perfect installation.


  • Keeps Edges & Points of Graphics from Lifting.
  • Fast Drying, Easy Installation & Easy Removal.
  • Seals Approximately 5-8 Graphic Kits.