IPD Graphic Installation Kit

IPD Graphic Installation Kit

$28.00 - $48.00
Production time: 4-6 weeks
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IPD Graphic Installation Kit by IPD Graphics

This 3-Piece IPD installation kit comes with the essentials of what you need to properly install your IPD Graphics Kit. The professional-grade application fluid will allow to move your graphics into place more easily, and adhere your graphics more firmly to your hull. The compact squeegee has just the right amount of flexibility and works well with the piece sizes in our graphic kits. Last but not least, a reusable low-friction sleeve that slips over the squeegee to protect your graphics from marking and scratches, and crucial to maintain the shine of dark vinyls.

Comes With:

  • Application fluid for fast, easy, quality installation of graphics with no bubbles, even in cold weather.
  • Application squeegee with stability twin ribs for easy handling and pressure control.
  • Low-friction reusable squeegee sleeve to protect graphics from marking and scratches.