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  • Fly-N- Ty w Old Fly-N-Ty JetSki Tank

    Fuel Tank for Kawasaki 440/550 (Clear)


    A reproduction of the Kawasaki OEM Fuel Tank. 
Make your ski new again!!! This tank is a reproduction of the now discontinued and no longer available Kawasaki OEM Fuel Tank. Fits 440s and 550s, all model years. Dimensions and volume are the same as the...

  • 011-104

    Motor Mount for Kawasaki 440 / 550 (1976-1990)

    WSM Parts

    Motor Mount for the Kawasaki JS440, JS550 an 550SX from WSM Parts Fits: Make Model Year Kawasaki JS400 1976 Kawasaki JS440 1977-1990 Kawasaki JS550 1982-1989 Kawasaki 550SX 1990 OEM#: 92075-3006, 92160-3756  

    MSRP: $33.86
  • 006-585

    Flame Arrestor - Universal


    Flame Arrestor - Universal by ProK Flame Arrestor by ProK Universal 70mm - 2.75" Flange The free flowing mesh element increases air flow, providing overall performance gains. The ultra light design saves weight and reduces fatigue and vibration to intake...

    MSRP: $47.91
  • 006-580

    Wrap for ProK Flame Arrestor


    Item on Backorder. ETA 2 Weeks.Flame Arrestor Wrap for ProK Flame Arrestor (006-585) The Flame Arrestor Wrap is designed to cover the ProK Flame Arrestor to limit the amount of water reaching the carb Please allow 1-3 days for processing of this...

    MSRP: $12.19
  • RI 750 block off 0 RI 750 block off 1

    Kawasaki 650 / 750 Oil Block Off

    Rugged Industries

    Kawasaki 650 / 750 oil injection and crankcase drain block off kit. Used to bypass your sticky drain valve as well as eliminating the old school oil injection. Why not help your ski breath a little easier with a brand new air filter by ProK. Made...

  • 011-105

    Motor Mount for Kawasaki 650 - 800 (1986-2011)

    WSM Parts

    Motor Mount for the following Kawasaki models from WSM Parts: Fits: Make Model Year(s) Kawasaki SC 650 1991-1995 Kawasaki SS 750 1992-1997 Kawasaki SSXI 750 1993-1997 Kawasaki SX 650 1987-1993 Kawasaki SX 750 1992-1995 Kawasaki SX-R 800...

    MSRP: $45.47
  • Worx Intake Grate 650sx

    Intake Grate for Kawasaki 650 SX / X2

    Worx Racing

    These model skis have a very flat intake area that lose hook up in anything but perfect conditions. To get any sort of performance from these two boats an intake grate is absolutely essential. The major performance benefit of the WR202 is improved...

    MSRP: $144.00
  • BN44-40-8052-1

    Mikuni Super BN 44mm Carburetor


    Mikuni Super BN 44mm - Extended Throttle Shaft Carburetor  What's the difference between a Super BN and a BN Mikuni? The fuel pump and jet sections are separate for easier maintenance It has an integral fuel filter The fuel pump capacity is...

    MSRP: $244.59